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Performance by tradition

Through its founder Wolfgang Weitmann, Weitmann Interior Landscaping provides more than 40 years of experience with interior landscaping and hydroponics.

The next generation has already entered the certified family-run business. Our specialised, highly motivated staff will implement your greening ideas swiftly and professionally.


More and more people in our society spend the majority (more than 90% !) of their time indoors. The longing for nature and greenery is growing; people who feel good are known to be more creative and motivated. Plants clearly improve the room climate and acoustics. Thanks to natural biological evaporation, the higher air humidity lends indoor rooms a more pleasant atmosphere.

INTERIOR DESIGN WITH PLANTS, NATURAL MATERIALS OR ARTIFICIAL PLANTS –   Consultation, planning, implementation, care services.

We present you with fitting ideas for your indoor spaces. You will not only be amazed by our professional design, but also by our regular care services.

We provide you with perfectly fitting plants in top quality with the matching planter, a green companion for many years to come. From individual plants all the way to lush landscapes, anything is possible.

If you are looking for professional room greenery, first-class plant quality, value-preserving plant care, long-term irrigation systems, fantastic winter garden vegetation or mould-free hydroponics, then you have come to the right place.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Green interiors are integral elements of modern architecture, making a decisive contribution to the function, design and atmosphere of structures.

We are happy to collaborate with architects and planning companies. Take advantage both of our many years of experience with object design and our creative skills for high-end living areas.

It is our pleasure to provide advice for special room requirements such as light, colours, acoustics, and temperature, and together we will find an individual solution with beautiful plants and planters.

Weitmann Raumbegrünung e.U.

Wiener Bundesstraße 28
A-4060 Leonding b. Linz

Phone +43 (0) 5 77877
Fax +43 (0) 5 77877 - 999

Opening hours Showroom:

Monday - Friday

  8:00 - 12:00 and
- 17:00

Your certified partner for
Interior Landscaping & Hydroponics

How to find us

Feel free to contact me.
I'm happy to assist you!

Wolfgang Weitmann


"Rent your plant for the summer season" is a completely new concept for you as a commercial customer, but also for private customers.

You can rent plants for the length of time for which you want to use them as decoration. We deliver the plants starting in May, and pick them up again at the end of September. No overwintering with high costs in a nursery, without any risks.


We are your partner for professional decorative design for all events and occasions. Our creativity is your asset. Uncomplicated implementation and competent advice at our tropical greenhouse or at your location.

Timely arrangements and collection are matter of course for us. Take advantage of our large selection of decorative plants for your customised event.


Decorations with artificial plants and decorative items count among the special themes that we use for object design.

In consultation with architects and builders, we implement thematic decorations for gastronomy and the hotel sector with high-quality artificial plants. We also collaborate with interior designers, decorators, painters, etc. to optimally realise your projects.


Just like a beautiful dress needs the right accessories to achieve its full effect, plants also need attractive planters fitting to the interior. We are very happy to offer you a huge selection of planters. Our extensive range of planters are characterised by individuality and style.


You are looking for a special location to present yourself or your products, or you want a unique framework for a special event? Then talk to us.

Our event greenhouse offers a very special atmosphere. You and your customers will be amazed.

Objektbegrünungen Outdoor: natürlich - einfach - beruhigend - wohltuend.
Objektbegrünungen Outdoor: natürlich - einfach - beruhigend - wohltuend.

   Consultation, planning, implementation, care services.

Objektbegrünungen Outdoor: natürlich - einfach - beruhigend - wohltuend.
Objektbegrünungen Outdoor: natürlich - einfach - beruhigend - wohltuend.

Objektbegrünungen Outdoor: natürlich - einfach - beruhigend - wohltuend.
Objektbegrünungen Outdoor: natürlich - einfach - beruhigend - wohltuend.